Wedgo — сообщество фотографов за границей

Helena and Kypros on Cyprus.I Its a long story without end. She loved Greek salad and nice clothes, she spoke foreign language, he saw her and did not let her go.... Once it happened

Corfu is a place where people go again and again, its a place for love, harmony and just Paradise on Earth.  Natalia did not know anything about the wedding. Maxim prepared a big surprise for her. He organized everything before and just invited his lady for a trip of two. This is an unforgettable day, full of Love, smile and happy moments. Wish from all my soul true feelings and long  happy life together.

Olesja and Dima....from Samara on my favourite Corfu. They took a boat for making photos but they were so in love with each other that almost forgot about it, used it for some pictures and again continued to kiss and hug each other.

Every girl dreams to be perfect on her very important day, dreams to be the best in the world. I do understand this  and always do the best on the wedding, not only to picture the moment but to support the bride with words, to relax her in this day, to give her understand how beautiful she is.

As soon as they began to speak English i was at a lost as it was too quickly for me, but the only thing I could understand at once, they love each other. Kate and Daniel on beautiful Corfu. They wanted to get only  the best memories of their stay.