Wedgo — сообщество фотографов за границей

Every family has it's happiness. It's a real luck to be a family photographer of such  nice people. So enjoy the pictures made for Natalja, Misha, Polina and little princess Sofja.

Home-sweet home.. Every family begins with feelings. When there is love- there is a family. I very proud of the fact that people trust me and open the doors of their house. Thank you, dear Elena,Sergey, Pavel and little king Ivan for opening the door of your house.

 It was a nice visit  to  France in 2017.  A young happy family invited me to their place.

Everybody has his private life and private is very expensive. Its a big trust if a family opens the doors of the house, shows the inner world of life, invite you for a cup of coffee, a chat and shows you the best they have. Gregor, Natalia and Alex, i am always happy to be your family photographer.