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Dear friends,

Photography is endless..


It is a magic, beautiful., colorful, bright world full of happiness and joy.. Our life consists of different moments. My mission is to help you to remember your happy moments for a long period of life, to get positive feelings looking at them again and again, to make photoalbums to keep family moments. With a photo you can be back to the place you liked much or to people who mean great for you. You can travel in your imagination to your dream and experience sun even in  cloudy days.

Time flies very fast and every minute of our life can not be repeated again. Camera helps to stop the moment for a while and to keep it for a long long time. 

Photograthy is not just a profession or business for me, its love, big clear love and  I am happy to share my love with you. You will get not only positive communication during photosession  but also pictures full of Love and Enjoyment.  You will not notice how in some minutes you will be relaxed while process as its easy even if you have never done it before. During 7 years of my profession i met lots of people from different countries, religions and social levels but all of them have beauty inside. My aim is to find the best in the person and to show it, to show  what brilliant they have inside.


You are always welcome!

Your Photograther with Love


Kate Viva



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Photo is your way of  seeing the world around you. It's your way of living.